Friday, 27 August 2010

Revamp of blog ongoing

Apologies for not posting for more than a year. I am surprised...that many of you still visit this blog periodically, some even daily, and I am grateful for other blog owners for your referrals. This blog gets a healthy readership, though I have been extremely laggard in updating.

I am working on new articles. Let me know what you would like to see more...critiques of real life examples in the field, or focus on specific artisan, instructional articles on how to bespeak your suit/shirt/trousers, or rule discussions, or make your suggestion on what I should cover. I cannot promise to deliver everything, but I will certainly try and meet reader's demands and needs.

I will try and relaunch this by October, perhaps earlier. And will attempt to update this blog at least once a week from thence.

BTW, the shoe in the picture above is a custom patina for Carmina, by the ladies at Carmina's Avenue d'Opera, Paris store. And the watch is a A. Lange & Sohne Pour le Merite Tourbillon in yellow gold.