Tuesday, 4 March 2014

10 Best Dressed Men in the 86th Academy Awards: did GQ get it right?

Some comments on the GQ link shared by my friend Łukasz Doskocz.

No 1. Bradley Cooper.

Agree, pretty sharp. Nitpick? Coat sleeves and trousers a tad too long. Sleeves should show a bit more cuff, and the trousers, when shorterned, a fewers breaks.

No 2. Michael Fassbender.

Seriously? Maybe its the photographer angle, but he looks like an ape. Trousers again way too long. Old Hollywood glamour, as personified by Cary Grant and Fred Astaire wear their trousers with just a hint of break, the front of the trouser leg barely caressing the shoes.

No 3. Zac Effron.

Suit fits. But this is not black tie. Black tie calls for a black bow tie. Shirt collars too narrow, and barrel cuffs are not what Black Tie mandates.

No 4. John Legend.

Suit fits ok, but button point is too low, looks like its below his navel. The button point of a coat is critical to balance of the look. It needs to be his natural waist, which is perhaps at least 4 inches higher. Both shirt sleeves and coat sleeves are too long.

No 5. Ethan Hawke.

Not bad, but black tie mandates either a cummerbund or a waistcoat, so the unsightly white shirt does not show below the button of the coat. Awful.

No 6. Chitweel Ejiofor.

Ah...not bad. Coat sleeves a tad too long, need to show some cuffs. But nice silhouette.

No 7. Jared Leto.

OMH. This is just plain aweful. A white coat is allowed for black tie, but must be worn with black bow tie, and only on hot summer nights. Fail.

No 8. Kevin Spacey.

Looks ok. But seriously blue suit? Looks at odds with the regulation black tie, black shoes and black lapels. Again, trousers too long.

No 9. Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Smooth look. Beautiful silhouette. But coat sleeves a tad too long, no sleeves showing. The amount of shirt sleeves showing under the cuffs of the coat should be about the same as the amount of collar showing above the coat collar behind the neck.

No 10. Leonardo DiCarprio.

Nice silhouette too. Good call with nice pocket square. Again sleeves and trousers too long. And notch lapels? Black tie coats should be peak lapels or shawl lapels. Not di rigeur.

Only 3 men thought to wear a pocket square. And I am not sure how many of them would have a single stripe down their trouser leg. And I doubt any of the men had either a cummerbund or a waistcoat.

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